Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Summer '13 Schedule Coming Soon

Watch this space for the first of Rico's Fitness Boot Camps of the 2013 Summer.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Preston City Centre Boot Camp March '13 COMPLETED

Preston City Centre Boot Camp March 2013
We launched a fledgling boot camp at the start of March, to accommodate professionals who worked in Preston city centre. The boot camp programme constituted a one hour workout every Tuesday 415pm for 5 weeks. After a gentle start to the programme, in the face of a freezing northerly breeze, the intensity of the programme increased. Strength exercises were interspersed between portions of distance jogging, covering several miles, within the hour. Well done to Dave, Helen, Helen, Sarah, Victoria and Bea.

You can organise your own boot camp!

To book a boot camp month for your teamor small group, please contact Paul from PWR Personal Training.
07855 121232 or

Monday, March 5, 2012

Recommended reading...

Here's an interesting blog here, featuring tips for skinny guys who want to build muscle!
It will apply to ladies aiming to tone up, too, I guess. A great website with loads of tips.

Friday, February 24, 2012

What's good about a Boot Camp?

1. You are committing yourself to a month of dedication to your body
2. You will see your strength, agility, stamina and flexibility improve
3. You are getting expert coaching from a professional personal trainer
4. We will measure your improvements as they happen
5. The group set up is fun and brings out the best in each other
6. You get out in the fresh air for some valuable "me" time
7. All the results are FOR YOU and down to YOU
8. A positive activity for you and your friends to do together

Check out PWR Fitness Boot Camp here STARTING Wednesday 7th March 2012.
Mondays and Wednesdays 6-7pm at Vernon Carus Cricket Club, Penwortham, Preston
Fee per person £60
EARLY BIRD OFFER SAVE 20% off the usual fee (£48).

Friday, June 24, 2011


Call Paul on 07855 121232 or
Email “Sign me up for Vernons Boot Camp #1, Paul!” to
(Early Bird 20% off for online payments)
advance payment required.
Fitness boot camps
Led by a professional personal trainer, boot camp engages a group of people to work together towards their individual fitness and health goals. Rest assured there is no competition between individuals, just a great deal of support from team mates to get you to that next level.

Try your best, enjoy a varied workout, and help each other achieve results.

Workout details
Using one or two small props, each workout will train all muscles of the body to create muscle tone, stamina, boost metabolism and burn calories!!

Bring with you:
· In WET weather! We can’t promise constant sunshine, so bring waterproof clothing and cap, plus warm clothes for during and after.
· You might get a little bit muddy so choose clothing and footwear you don’t mind a messing up!
· In HOT weather! Cool clothing. Towel and plenty of water to keep you cool

Commit to a month of fitness training - pay up front £60 - Miss it - Lose it!
Payment required strictly in advance (online, cheque or cash)
Early Bird 20% off (PAY £48). Payment details on receipt of email (see below).

Call Paul on 07855 121232 or
Email “Sign me up for Vernons Boot Camp #1, Paul!” to

Location (PR2 1JE)
Haslam Park is a popular and picturesque venue for families, sports, and nature in Ashton-on-Ribble, Preston, Lancashire. It provides a perfect location for our group workouts, ensuring a clean and traffic free space in which to get you into shape.

A series of outdoor group workouts designed to raise the heart rate, burn off fat, and tone up the thighs, bum and tum. Workouts take place in the park, and involve walking, a little jogging and toning exercises using kettlebells. Fully coached and supervised by a professional personal fitness trainer. 'Personal training, in groups.'

PWR VERNONS FITNESS BOOT CAMP Starts Wednesday 7th March '12

Do YOU seek that perfect summer figure? Flat stomach...Drop a size...Lose inches....Feel fitter.
Are you seeking the motivation and coaching to get there?
PWR Fitness Boot Camps Start on Wednesday 7th March 2012.