Thursday, March 18, 2010

Boot Camp Success

Weight loss and Inch loss Success for 2 Boot Campers

Karen has attended Boot Camps since January 2010, having started her fitness regime back in November 2009. Karen wanted to feel fitter, and she was in serious doubt that there was anything she could do to improve her body.
Through determination and endeavour, careful adjustments of breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus a dedicated commitment to regular boot camps, kettlebell classes, and some cardio training, Karen has managed to achieve some magnificent results.Karen runs her own successful business, and this takes up much of her time. This fact makes her results even more sensational, and serves as an inspiration to others who feel they are struggling to succeed in fitness and body fat loss.
Karen has lost 29lb of bodyfat and has reduced her waistline and hips by an accumulated 12 inches. Well done Karen.

Debbie has attended Boot Camps in January and February, having had major surgery at the end of 2009. Debbie wanted to lose some inches and weight. Debbie has injuries and some metabolism restrictions. This does not stop her from putting in a top effort at each Boot Camp workout she attends.

Debbie has lost 8lb in weight since starting, and is now close to fitting the dress she used to wear. A tremendous achievement that has required determination and bravery in the early winter months of 2010.
Well Done Debbie.

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